About RHI

RHI develops innovative sustainable water solutions for rainwater, stormwater and greywater management.

Headquartered in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. We supply a range of rainwater filters, bespoke control panels, mechanical components and greywater systems. All from UK stock. Our passion for delivering solutions ensures that we continually strive to apply our experience and expertise to identify and implement cost effective and cutting edge solutions. The solutions we offer are backed by our commitment to providing market leading service and after sales support. RHI conducts operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland and are currently looking for a network of licensees and distributors to extent our operation worldwide.


We believe that customer loyalty is not only built on superior product quality, but also on the motivation of a supplier to offer product assistance during the product life cycle and not just during installation.

  • We are not just content supplying products alone, but also feel responsible for the operation, functionality and performance of your system.
  • We respond to your problems, and provide the level of after sales service that you would associate with excellent systems.
  • We provide the service your investment deserves during their entire product life cycle.
  • Our team of professionals, work together to provide solutions, service, training, and spare parts to assure maximum life cycle performance.