Greenmount College


The Greenmount Campus Estate is a focus for many of the educational activities at the Campus. The Estate provides outstanding natural resources for use by students undertaking a range of agricultural and environmental courses. A new dairy unit and office block has been constructed to replace the old unit which is now 20 years old. This will provide for a herd of 150 cows and contain innovative and state of the art technology throughout providing outstanding educational facilities for the students.


RHI were approached by the RJ Smyth on behalf of the CPD and Greenmount College and asked to put forward a water recycling system design which would best meet the requirements in terms of functionality and cost effectiveness. The remit not only required the harvesting of rainwater from the new diary unit’s roof but also the management of a secondary borehole supply and the recycling of the water used within the cooling plant.

Project Spec
Sector Education
Environment Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Project Scope Rainwater Harvesting / Greywater Recycling / Borehole
Project Location Northern Ireland
Contract Value £2.2m
Client RJ Smyth on behalf of DARD


The solution offered married a 35,000L rainwater harvesting tank, existing borehole and recycled cooling water sources and provided additional mains water as a back up. In all our HYDRAPRO CPU control panel monitors and controls water level and temperature in two tanks as well as controlling six pumps and a UV disinfection unit. Milk cooling pump, volume wash pump, pressure wash pump, apron wetting pump, passage trough pump and rainwater pump are all centrally controlled and monitored from the CPU which provides the user with a 6” touch screen operating interface.

Due to the particularly deep rainwater tank installation the use of the HYDRAPRO FT filter with its minimal fall and automatic washing feature will prove highly advantageous during the buildings life cycle. The automatic wash features uses the recycled rainwater and cooling water to clean the filter surface. All of which is controlled by the HYRDAPRO CPU control panel within the plant room.


Within the system when demand is experienced priority is given to rainwater and recycled cooling water followed by borehole water with mains water as a back up. This will result in a minimal mains water requirement within the dairy unit.