Titanic Building Belfast


Titanic Belfast®, the World’s Largest Titanic Visitor Experience, was built to continue the story and legacy of the world’s most famous ship. The £90m project is built on the slipways where the Titanic was built. It measures 14,000 m² and accommodates nine galleries of interactive exhibition space, an underwater exploration theatre, recreations of the ship’s decks and cabins, banqueting facilities.

RHI was asked by the Harvey Group to supply a rainwater harvesting system which could filter the rainwater collected from the large roof area and provide a control system for distribution around the many WC’s. Coupled to this the building had to achieve a Breeam “Excellent” standard and rainwater harvesting was a must.

Titanic Building Belfast

Project Spec
Sector Private
Environment Tourism
Project Scope Rainwater Harvesting / Greywater Recycling / Borehole
Project Location Belfast / Northern Ireland
Contract Value £90m Building Project
Client Harvey Group / Harcourt Developments


The water savings generated by the simple technology are very impressive. The rainwater is collected from over 3,000 square metres of roof surface and is then filtered to remove any organic debris washed down from the roof, before it is collected in a sectional tank in the basement plant room of the building.
The filtered water is then automatically pumped up through the building on demand using a VSD booster pump set. The water is cleansed using a series of fine filter and a UV disinfection unit. The harvested rainwater is used to replace mains water for toilet flushing within the building.

During periods of low or no rainfall, the system will automatically change over to mains water supply, ensuring continuity of supply to the building. As soon as the inevitable rainfall occurs, the system switches back to rainwater supply.

The entire system is monitored and controlled using a HYDRAPRO CPU control panel. This model boosts a 6” colour touch screen display which provides full graphical information on status and alarms coupled with a user friendly interface.


Titianic building has to accommodate the estimated 5500 people per day expected to visit the exhibition and 1000 attending separate functions. Obviously, it was necessary that the control system be 100% reliable. The RHI system has met and exceeded all expectations and requirements on this front.

With the help of RHI’s rainwater harvesting system the building achieve the coveted Breeam “Excellent” standard.