WISY Vortex Filters

High precision WISY Vortex Filters use surface tension (adhesion) in conjunction with a fine stainless steel filter mesh to filter undesired debris from entering storage.


The Vortex Underground Filter is designed to handle water from a number of rainwater downpipes. Installed underground it becomes an integral part of the rainwater drainage system, meeting all the requirements of the German DIN (Land and Drainage) 1986. The standard size is suitable for roof areas of up to 500 m2, the small size for roof areas up to 200m2. A larger commercial sized filter is also available suitable for roof areas up to 3000m2.

The self-cleaning filter captures over 90% of the rainwater, filtering it and diverting it into a storage tank. The remaining water carries leaves and any other debris from the roof and gutter straight into the drain or soak away. The filter can be easily removed for maintenance purposes.

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