Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Products Used:
HYDRAPRO® system

Northern Ireland

LEED GOLD certification with Rainwater Harvesting

RHI Water Ltd is at the forefront of assisting multinational pharmaceutical companies enhance their sustainability credentials by designing and supplying the market leading HYDRAPRO rainwater harvesting systems.

The HYDRAPRO systems are installed in a number of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Ireland. All buildings have achieved as a minimum LEED GOLD certification.

The buildings feature rainwater harvesting systems that collect and store rainwater for use in irrigation and toilets. Principally the rainwater is used to service the high daily water use from WCs on the facilities. All systems harvest rainwater from large roof areas of over 1000m2 using the HYDRAPRO FT rainwater filters. The various systems include both underground tanks and above ground sectional tanks as the main storage vessel.  The rainwater is filtered via a 5-stage filtration process and disinfected before being reused. The entire system is controlled using The HYDRAPRO Smart CPU control panel. These PLC based controllers offer high levels of functionality with an easy to use user interface.

The installation of the HYDRAPRO rainwater harvesting systems result in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

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