HYDRAPRO® Smart CPU Series


The HYDRAPRO® Smart CPU offers total system control, giving the convenience of operating pumps, solenoid valves, UV unit and more, all from one central panel. Several models are available for single or multiple pumps.

HYDRAPRO® logic controlled units monitor the system with easy to set-up user interface and BMS integration.  User friendly illuminated interface with eight navigation and short cut keys.

HYDRAPRO® panel range have been developed specifically for commercial rainwater systems where advanced control and monitoring is required.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Control Panels

  • CE Marked control panels ensuring standards are met
  • Full range available; SE, S1 E and S2 E,
  • User-friendly interface with a choice of LCD or Touch-screen display
  • MCB protection on electrical features
  • High feature content. Visible alarms on both display and system status


  • Connectability-Interface your panel with a Building Management System (BMS) using volt-free contacts

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