Submersible Pumps

Multigo Pressure Pumps

Multigo Series pumps satisfy many demands. The excellent output characteristics often makes the use of expensive double-pump installations for high water demand unnecessary.

The use of fixed or floating fine suction filters with Multigo pumps are recommended. These are stainless steel units, the floating type being fitted with a polyethylene ball float. The suction filter (separate data sheet available) protects the pump from drawing in any particles and improves the reliability of the installation. Standard models with or without non-return valves are designed for use with 1″ suction hose.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps

  • All housing parts stainless-steel CrNi 1.4301
  • 1.25 inch suction and pressure connections
  • 20m connecting cable
  • Carrying strap with spring hook
  • Protection Class IP58, Operation type: permanent connection, internal condensator
  • Rubber feet for stability and vibration reduction
  • 3m rot-proof lifting cord with stainless steel spring clip
  • Low-noise


  • Normal suction, multiple-stage
  • Can be fitted with floating or fixed suction filters
  • Submersible to 20m depth
  • Motor cooled by water flow between outer and motor housings

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