Products for Water Conditioning Systems

RHI Water designs, manufactures and commissions water conditioning systems for commercial and industrial installations.

Self Cleaning Fine Filter

F76S reverse rinsing filters ensure a continuous supply of filtered water. The self cleaning fine filter prevents the ingress of foreign bodies, for example rust particles, strands of hemp and grains of sand and thus reduces the probability of corrosion. The appliances correspond to the requirements of current DIN/DVGW specifications.

Electromagnetic Water Conditioners

The HY-MAG® conditions water with magnets, not chemicals. This means you can use the HY-MAG® Electromagnetic Water Conditioner for potable water supply, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance. Scale loves heat. If you put a hot surface (like a water heater) in hard water, scale forms around the surface in big crystals like...

Cartridge Filter Housings

The SPECTRUM Aqualyze filter housing are available as sinlge units or pre assembled double and triple systems. The extensive combinations in this range provide endless options for applications and flow rates. The housings are designed to enhance the performance of the SPECTRUM cartridge range, whilst accommodating all industry standard cartridges.

High Flow Filter Housings

Offered in two versions, Standard and Premier, achieving flow rates from 11 to 3600 lpm. The Premier range incorporates swing bolt closures and, in the larger sizes, a davit arm assembly, for easy and safe housing maintenance. The Premier range is supplied with pressure gauge, as well as optimal DN flanged connection. The Standard range...

Bag Filter Housings

Compact, economic and versatile, with all the benefits of traditional bag filtration technology. The complete polypropylene construction of Pentair PBH Bag Filter Housings is perfectly suited for applications where cost is restricted and each vessel comes complete with a pressure gauge, spanner and drain valve.

Duplex Water Softeners

Softening is the process of removing dissolved calcium and magnesium salts that cause hardness in water. It is achieved either by adding chemicals that form insoluble precipitates or by ion exchange. Ion exchange is accomplished by passing the water through columns of a natural or synthetic resin that trades sodium ions for calcium and magnesium...

Aquada UV Disinfection

The extremely simple handling, low investment and operating costs, and various uses in household, leisure and industry make the Aquada the ideal introductory model in environmentally-friendly UV disinfection. The Aquada’s centrally arranged low-pressure lamp in the high-grade steel chamber ensures that the appropriate UV dose is delivered for effective disinfection. The power supply developed for...

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