Bag Filter Housings

Polypropylene Bag Filter Housing

Compact, economic and versatile, with all the benefits of traditional bag filtration technology. The complete polypropylene construction of Pentair PBH Bag Filter Housings is perfectly suited for applications where cost is restricted and each vessel comes complete with a pressure gauge, spanner and drain valve.

Advantages of Bag Filter Housings

  • Single thread closure ensures quick opening and positive sealing against a Buna O-ring.
  • All PBH series vessels come complete with changeout gauge, spanner, and drain valve.
  • The PBH series is made of lightweight corrosion-resistant polypropylene, giving strength without bulk, and is particularly well suited to water, acids, plating solutions, corrosive chemicals and food products.
  • Bag vessel assemblies are cost effective, allowing installation of multi-bag system for totally uninterrupted flow.





  • The lowest cost bag vessel solution
  • Can be used in processes where the use of metals are restricted
  • Works at temperatures up to 38 °C
  • Operating pressures
    • 10″ = 6.9 bar
    • 20″ = 6.2 bar

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Bag Filter Housings