Pump Suction Filter

SAFF/SAGF Floating Suction Filters

A range of Pump Suction Filters designed for the extraction of water from rainwater tanks and similar vessels.

The SAFF types are especially suitable for domestic and commercial rainwater harvesting systems. The unit consists of a polyethylene ball float and a fine mesh filter, with an integral nonreturn valve. The unit is fitted to the end of the suction pipe.

The fine filter housing is made entirely of high grade stainless steel, the water being drawn from the centre of the unit. The mesh size of the filter is 0.23mm and thus prevents the suction of large particles into the pump. This reduces wear on the pump considerably and also increases the operational safety of the whole installation. The large surface area of the SAFF filter gives a very low suction resistance, resulting in the pump developing its optimum degree of efficiency.

A floating ball allows the suction point to rise and fall with the water level. This ensures that water is extracted from where it is cleanest just below the surface of the water and above the bottom of the tank where heavier particles accumulate over time. The design of the filter housing maintains a distance of at least 20mm between the suction point and the sediment.

The floating ball is fitted with a lifting eye. With the help of a rot-proof cord the unit can thus be lifted clear of the water for catering.

Pump Suction Filters Advantages

  • Various models to suit most pumps
  • Integral non-return valve
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Manufactured by WISY

Pump Suction Filters Solutions

  • Protects the pump against drawing up sediment
  • Extracts water from the cleanest point
  • Ensures the quality of the rainwater system

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