Aquada UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection Series

The extremely simple handling, low investment and operating costs, and various uses in household, leisure and industry make the Aquada the ideal introductory model in environmentally-friendly UV disinfection.

The Aquada’s centrally arranged low-pressure lamp in the high-grade steel chamber ensures that the appropriate UV dose is delivered for effective disinfection. The power supply developed for the Aquada makes operation possible in all networks worldwide. Both the power supply and UV control device ensure optimal and smooth operation.

The Aquada UV system uses as much energy as a standard bulb (35 to 85 watts).

Advantages of Aquada UV Disinfection

  • 10 m3/h (45 GPM) maximum flow rate
  • 5 different sizes with 3 variations by size
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning


  • Compact and inexpensive UV system for residential, commercial, and small industrial water disinfection applications
  • Operation possible in all networks worldwide

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Aquada UV Disinfection