Cartridge Filter Housings

Pre Assembled Filter Housings

The SPECTRUM Aqualyze filter housing are available as sinlge units or pre assembled double and triple systems. The extensive combinations in this range provide endless options for applications and flow rates.

The housings are designed to enhance the performance of the SPECTRUM cartridge range, whilst accommodating all industry standard cartridges.

Advantages of Cartridge Filter Housings

  • Swing These smart SPECTRUM systems have been conveniently pre-assembled for easy and quick installation.
  • Economic. Costing less than the sum of their individual components combined.
  • The Aqualyze systems are available in 10″ and 20″ Regular and Large Diameter sizes.
  • Available with the unique option to select sump colour configurations.
  • Coming complete with inlet and outlet gauges to monitor and maximise cartridge life.
  • Available with 1/4″-1″ port sizes.





  • These filtration systems are tailored to suit individual applications dependant on the level of filtration required.
  • Single housings provide an effective one stageprocess, used to target specific contaminants for example, bulk solids, sediment or organics.
  • Two-stage systems are implemented when an expensive secondary filter, such as a fine filtration or water treatment cartridge, benefits from prefiltration, prolonging service life..
  • If applications demand a full filtration cascade, a three-stage system is recommended, which delivers a spatial and economic solution.

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