Stormwater Management Products

RHI Water designs, manufactures and commissions stormwater managment systems for commercial and industrial installations.

Stormwater Management Products from RHI Water

HYDRAPRO® Vortex flow controllers

Our vortex flow controllers are perfectly suited as a flow limiters in overflow basins, surge basins, combined and rainwater sewer systems, industrial waste and watercourses. Furthermore, the vortex flow control serves as a good flow limiter for separators and industrial water treatment. Manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 316) , there are two series of flow...

Penstocks / Sluice Gate Valves

A pensotck or a sluice gate valve is described as a valve that uses a gate or wedge shape disk that slides perpendicular to the flow of the fluid into or out of the pipeline. When the gate valve is fully opened, the disk of the gate valve is completely separated from the flow. The...

Flap / Non Return Valves

A flap valve is a type of non-return valve for water or sewerage. The purpose of a flap valve is to ensure water can pass through the valve in one direction only. Flap valves operate by water flowing through a pipe or culvert and pushing the swinging door open. When the water level on the...


Geocell is a modular panel in regenerated PP designed for the creation of a horizontal and vertical drainage system for the efficient disposal of rainwater. According to installation, Geocell can both facilitate the disposal of water from the soil, avoiding the flooding of the surface and avoid the water stagnation protecting underground structures, improving areas where drainage...

Elevator Tanks

NEW ELEVETOR TANK guarantees high-capacity water storage, resistance to heavy traffic loads, and adjustability to any available area. The system is composed of lightweight modules for concrete rainwater accumulation tanks poured on site. The system is designed to prevent flooding in newly developed urban areas in accordance with local regulations. The accumulation tank can also be...


Drening is a modular element for the construction of high capacity dispersion and accumulation chambers. Growing flood risks in the built environment increase the need for rainwater management, in addition to the existing sewage system.


Drainpanel is a modular element made of regenerated PP, used for the creation of underground basins for on-site rainwater management. The system can be used both as a lamination basin and infiltration basin, depending on the type of geotextile used as a cover for the plastic structure, such as infiltration geotextile, containing waterproof geomembrane.


Aquabox system has been engineered for efficient stormwater retention and is suitable for different applications such as infiltration, retention, or attenuation systems. It was designed for fast installation, fully inspectable and suitable for both landscape and traffic areas, following the standard parameters of Sustainable Drainage Systems. Aquabox is an underground plastic module in which water is collected...

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