WISY Vortex Rainwater Filter

WISY Vortex Rainwater Filter

The WISY VORTEX filter is unique with its patented design that uses the principle of adhesion, where water ‘sticks’ to a smooth surface, in this case the outer layer of a vertical cylinder. This process causes the water to ‘pull’ through the fine mesh inner layer, leaving behind any leaves, insects and any other particles greater than 0.28mm. The filtered debris then either falls straight through centre of the filter, or is washed off by the action of the flowing water. This unique design means that the debris is simply washed away to the storm drain and out of harms way.

Advantages of WISY Vortex Rainwater Filters

  • They require no tank entry to clean.
  • Finest filtration – mesh size of 280 microns.
    The vortex fine filter meets the requirements defined by EN 12056 / EN 752 and also conforms to DIN 1989.
  • Normally installed below ground but wall mountings are also available as accessories to install the filter as a free-standing unit.
  • There is no risk of blockage even during torrential rainfall events which may flush large quantities of debris into the filter.
  • The cover and housing of the vortex fine filters have a design loading of up to 30 metric tons.



  • Self contained units with excellent load bearing capacity make the ideal for trafficked areas.
  • The WFF 100 is capable of filtering up to 4.2 l/sec. (Projected roof area of 200 m²)
  • The WFF 150 is capable of filtering up to 12.8 l/sec. (Projected roof area of 500 m²)
  • The WFF 300 is capable of filtering up to 80.0 l/sec. (Projected roof area of 3000 m

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