Elevator Tanks

Accumulation tank made of reinforced concrete

NEW ELEVETOR TANK guarantees high-capacity water storage, resistance to heavy traffic loads, and adjustability to any available area.

The system is composed of lightweight modules for concrete rainwater accumulation tanks poured on site.

The system is designed to prevent flooding in newly developed urban areas in accordance with local regulations.

The accumulation tank can also be used for rainwater harvesting and reuse for irrigation or fire protection of public buildings.

The system’s main advantages are:

  • STABILITY: The base grid allows the pillars to remain vertical and guarantees a high load-bearing capacity of the slab.
  • QUICK: The grid allows the system to be installed faster than any alternative. The top surface guarantees high worksite productivity.
  • RESISTANT: The structure of NEW ELEVETOR TANK allows an even load distribution and system installation under heavy traffic areas.
  • CAPACITY: NEW ELEVETOR TANK creates high-capacity tanks at the smallest available surfaces.

Elevator Tanks Advantages

  • Patented grille to guarantee the perpendicularity of the PVC tubes

Elevator Tanks Solutions

  • Creation of water accumulation tanks in limited spaces
  • Volume, size and shape are customizable

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