HYDRAPRO® FT Rainwater Filter

High Flow Rainwater Filters

Our patented design HYDRAPRO® FT high flow rainwater filters are perfect for use where a low invert loss is required. With a reduced fall of only 80mm between inlet and waste outlet, they can be used in many situations where other filters won’t work.

The HYDRAPRO® FT filter also incorporates an optional self-cleaning function. Spray nozzles jet water across the filter surface, washing any debris into the waste outlet. This significantly reduces maintenance. This function can be simply manually activated or automated using a motorised valve and timer control. (If the system also using a HYDRAPRO® control panel this function is built in.)

High Flow Rainwater Filter Advantages

  • Only 80mm fall between inlet and overflow
  • Easy-to-connect spigots
  • Self-cleaning – Low Maintenance
  • Ease of Installation
  • Industrial strength – Manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • Versatility – Suitable for below ground pre-tank manhole or In-tank installation & indoors
  • Environmentally friendly – Recycled rainwater used with wash system
  • Ideally suited for basement or confined space installations

High Flow Rainwater Filter Solutions

  • Suitable for below ground installation in a manhole
  • Suitable for high level above ground installation
  • Basement or confined space installations

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HYDRAPRO® FT High Flow Rainwater Filter