Penstocks / Sluice Gate Valves


A pensotck or a sluice gate valve is described as a valve that uses a gate or wedge shape disk that slides perpendicular to the flow of the fluid into or out of the pipeline. When the gate valve is fully opened, the disk of the gate valve is completely separated from the flow. The valve is controlled by a T-key, cranked handle or electro motor.

A variety of sizes and special types are available by request.

Advantages of Penstocks / Sluice Gate Valves

  • Sliding wedge and back plate fabricated out of HDPE.
  • Frame and reinforcement bars are AISI 316L.
  • EPDM rubber seal in between sliding wedge and housing; housing and wall.
  • Maximal operating pressure of 5mWC
  • Maximum leakage allowed in accordance with DIN19569-4 class 3


  • Penstock gates are widely used where a gate valve is required
  • Surface water control
  • Sewage control
  • Liquid control in other aggressive environments

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