Rainwater Filter for Mammoet, Netherlands

Rainwater Harvesting for new offices

Products Used:
HYDRAPRO FT3 rainwater filter


Rainwater Harvesting for new offices

The building consists of over 1000m2 maintenance hall and new offices which house the teams overseeing and managing the new maintenance capabilities.

A HYDRAPRO FT3 rainwater filter was installed to filter the harvested rainwater from the upgraded facility. The rainwater is being used for wash down of the Mammoet plant during servicing. Given the large amount of equipment that will be serviced at this facility this will result in a considerable reduction in the amount of precious drinking water being used for this type of activity. By using rainwater for machinery wash down Mammoet are harnessing a sustainable approach to enhance their environmental credentials. This is fitting of a company with a global reach that shows market leadership. It’s focus on the environment is in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which it’s targets are linked to.

The facility services the southern region of the Netherlands as well as supporting the Belgian depots of Antwerp and Gent.

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